$10,000 Dining Table in My Garage – Woodworking Projects

How to make an epoxy dining table. I get a lot of questions about how much my tables cost, and how much it costs to make one. So I’ll put all that info out there in this weeks video! The slab cost $1000, this amount of epoxy retails for just under $1000, a custom base like this one costs $1500, add in another $700 for consumables and shop rental time and that totals $4200 and sold for $10,000 after about 60 hours of work. You can definitely do this cheaper though. Less epoxy and a cheaper base would be a good starting point. But I hope those numbers get you started!

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Buy slabs:

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Items used in this build:
C-channel –
Liquid Glass Epoxy:
Track saw:
Angle grinder:
Wire wheel for angle grinder:
Porter Cable restorer:
Tyvek tape:
Mold release:
Transtint black:
Paddle mixer:
Propane torch:
Gouge set:
Art brush:
Black CA glue:
CA glue activator:
Clear CA glue:
Metal chop saw:
Festool router:
Threaded inserts:
1/2″ Spiral router bit:
1/4″ router bit:
Festool Rotex:
Festool finish sander:
Bahco scraper:
Track clamps:
Gem sander/buffer w/shroud:
Gem sander/buffer w/o shroud:
Rubio monocoat finish:
Sandpaper storage:

Table base fabricator:
Pre made table legs:

0:00 Intro
0:17 Online Live Edge Slab Shopping
0:47 Bringing My Slab Home
0:58 Choosing Epoxy Table Layout
1:22 Cutting Slab To Size
2:09 Slab Cleanup/Bark Removal
2:53 Sealing Edges With Epoxy
3:05 Making Oversized Epoxy Mold
3:55 Applying Mold Release
5:00 Mixing Epoxy
5:29 Pouring Epoxy
6:22 Adding Second Layer of Epoxy
7:33 Fixing Tiny Imperfections
8:17 Hurting Myself
9:08 Attaching Base With Threaded Inserts
9:57 Adding C-channels To Table
11:46 Cutting Chamfer On Table Profile
12:28 Finishing The Table With Rubio
13:05 Reveal
14:36 Photography Technique For Large Table

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