40 Woodworking Projects That Sell! (DIY PROJECTS)

In this video I go over 40 projects that i’ve made and sell! Some of these projects are easier than others, but most of them I have already have videos on. Make sure you check out those tutorials and let me know what you guys sell a lot of in the comments!

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Crates
0:48 Business Card Holders
1:17 Phone Holders
1:54 Candle Holders
2:26 Pencil Holders
3:14 Boxes
3:28 Coasters
4:02 Ping Pong Paddles
4:25 Wall Art
5:20 Wine Holders
5:39 Cutting Boards
7:40 Squirrel Picnic Tables
8:35 Key Racks
9:00 Wall Wine Holders
9:16 End Tables
9:39 Blanket/Towel Ladders
10:01 Painted American Flags
10:20 Garden Planters
10:47 Outdoor Bench
10:57 Building Blocks
11:30 Side Tables
10:50 TV Remote Holders
12:01 Beer Pong Table
12:12 Coffee Tables
12:34 Paper Towel Holders
12:54 Corn Hole
13:04 Couch Hanging Thing
13:32 Outro

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