5 More Woodworking Projects That Sell

With the popularity of my previous video, Top 5 woodworking projects that sell, I wanted to follow up with 5 more projects to help you make money woodworking. These have been some of my best selling woodworking projects that helped start my woodworking business. Theses projects sold fast for me when I was a beginner woodworker. All of these items are great woodworking projects for beginners that you can sell. These projects can help you grow your woodworking business and give you inventory to sell. You are free to use these woodworking project designs and build them to sell in your area or expand on the designs and make a unique woodworking project. I have been able to make money selling these woodworking projects. Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description.

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Top 5 Woodworking Projects that Sell:
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*Projects Mentioned In This Video*
Playlist of all of the projects below:

Project 1 Entryway Bench:
Project 2 Small Benches:
Project 3 Blanket Ladders
Project 4 Lazy Susan and Chevrons
Project 5 Flags
Blue Line Flag:
Pledge of Allegiance Flag:
Marine Flag:
Bonus Project Outdoor Chairs:

*Products Mentioned in this Video*
LED Light Strip:
Military Stencils:
50 Star Stencil:
Deer Head Stencil:
Duck Stencil:
Cricut Explore Air 2 Machine:
Stencil Vinyl for Cricut: you’ll also need transfer vinyl

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0:00 Intro
1:39 Project 1 Entryway Bench
3:06 Project 2 Small Bench 2:25
7:28 Project 3 Blanket Ladders
8:05 Project 4 Chevrons and Lazy Susan
8:42 Project 5: Build Wooden Flags
15:31 Bonus Project Outdoor Chairs
18:15 Videos to help you grow your woodworking business
18:55 Outro

731 Woodworks is intended for entertainment purposes only. There are no warranties implied and your results may differ from ours. You should NOT rely solely upon the information and techniques discussed and displayed in these videos. Rather, you should fully research each technique and decide for yourself what is the safest possible work method for you.

Disclaimer: Amazon and other affiliate links are used in this description and they help support this channel. By clicking on the links and purchasing items it provides me a very small commission but cost you nothing extra. It is a great way to support small creators like me. I appreciate the support more than you know!

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