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I am hanging out building some cool jigs and furniture with the folks from check them out. this is going to be so much fun!

50 Free Woodworking Plans

I’m Izzy Swan — a maker, inventor, woodworker, furniture designer, and lover of hand drills. I’ve been making stuff for most of my life and I love to share what I create.
In my shop you will find a table saw, bandsaw, chop box, drill press, a small lathe and for hand tools I have a few cordless drills, routers, jig saw and a few other thing but I do not get to crazy with over doing it. I want other do it your selfers to be able to build most the projects I make so I keep as humble as I can.
Here, you’ll find my library of over 300 videos (and growing fast). I produce 2-3 videos every week covering shop tips and tricks, money-saving hacks, inventions, and woodworking projects. Some projects are simple, some are complex, and some are really weird – or just fun. Experimentation and playfulness are important, and woodworking should never feel like a chore.
A lot of my projects are designed to make your workshop more efficient, so I have plans for a lot of woodworking jigs and shop-built tools. I’ve made a lot of drill-powered machines, from a bandsaw to a lathe to a fully automatic slingshot crossbow to a t-shirt folder. My creations run the gamut from practical must-have shop tools to ridiculously fun family projects and everything in between.
I have woodworking plans available for many projects. Some are even available for free (others cost a few bucks). I tinker constantly, so you can also find tools I have invented (some of which are available for sale, such as the DPT wrench), gear I recommend, and past episodes of the Mega Maker Show, a weekly live discussion among industry professionals and career Makers.
I also have a drill-powered Tyrannosaurus Rex. His name is Bob. Just putting that out there.
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If you have any questions about anything on the site or in my videos, head over to the Contact form and drop me a note. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.
Thanks, and have fun!

Please watch: “Extreme woodworking with limited tools | Izzy Swan”


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