Clampzilla 4 Way Panel Clamps for Large Panels and Woodworking Projects, Panel Clamp by WoodPeckers

Panel Clamps for Woodworking Panels and Furniture Tops 38″ Clampzilla 3.0 by Woodpeckers. Sometimes mistakenly called bar clamps, these 4 way panel clamps are the ticket to flat panels for your woodworking projects. 4-Way clamps pull the joints tight while aligning the edges at the same time. You’ll get horizontal and vertical clamping pressure, all in one innovative clamp.

50 Free Woodworking Plans

Start with one or two panel clamps, or get the full 4 clamp kit. I recommend the 38″ version for general woodworking, but they’re available in 18″ and 50″ lengths as well.

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