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This is a simple method of resolving splits cracks and holes whilst you are woodworking and working on your woodworking

Daniels and Nick with working on their Pallet Wood Camper and other pallet wood projects often come across with an
age old problem. They lack a little in woodworking skill, but reclaimed wood is a must and this is how to make a course
wood filler that you can do it yourself.

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Instead of using wood putty as a wood filler for repair of large gaps in their pallet wood projects they prefer this
diy method of what to do with sawdust, they make their own with a homemade recipe of simply mixing their sawdust
with either wood glue, titebond or ca glue and sawdust which they use for furniture and other woodworking projects.

Ideal for Home Improvement, Wood filler for large gaps, it simply is the best wood filler they know.

No more thinking of uses of for sawdust anymore, they collate the fine sawdust from sanding and store that
in a Jat. The coarse sawdust from the Mitre Saw and Table Saw they empty the dust bags and store that
seperately in another Jar.

They then have at the ready a store of sawdust and glue which they say can make the best wood filler in 2023
without buying expensive wood filler from their local DIY stores which they find expensive.

They find this is very useful also for repairing damaged wooden surfaces as wood stain often blends
well with this type of wood filler

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pallet wood camper build.

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