Easy Woodworking Project to Make with Kids // Beginner Woodworking Projects

Since a lot of us are stuck at home with our kids now, I figured I would show you guys a few quick and simple woodworking projects you can make with your kids.

DISCLAIMER: Woodworking is VERY dangerous. I demonstrate things in this video, like using power tools, as the prep work that should be done for these projects. I am in NO WAY suggesting you should let your children use these tools. Be smart! Decide whether or not your child is capable of focusing and listening to instructions before you let them touch any sort of tool.


Huge thank you to Woodcraft for sponsoring what I do! A great way to get your kids involved in woodworking is to let them use hand tools. The spokeshave is one of the safest handtools to use and kids love using them!
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50 Free Woodworking Plans

Here are the timestamped links to all the different projects:

0:00 Start
0:18 Important Points About Woodworking with Kids
2:13 Toothbrush Holders
3:32 Banana Holder
7:18 Piggy Banks
10:26 Backgammon or Checkers in a Bag
12:17 Acoustic Speaker with Funnel
17:48 Acoustic Speaker with Toy Bugle
21:36 Sounds Test for Acoustic Speakers


Powermatic 14″ Bandsaw:

Forstner Bits:


Wood Handscrew Clamps:

Mini Dozuki Saw:

Coping Saw:

Incra Miter Gauge:


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