Everything to Know about Spray Finishing Woodworking Projects

There are so many options for applying finish to your woodworking projects, let me share my setup so you can have what I think is the best finishing setup for your workshop. This will be a comprehensive guide to the best spray finishing setup for you. My finishing system is built around a Fuji Spray Systems Q5 platinum on a rolling Harbor Freight tools box in a flashy (almost) DIYTyler orange. Being on a rolling cart is very handy as I do not have a permanent spray location and this allows me to roll out to where I need to finish my projects and get right to work.

The the top shelf of the tool cart I have measuring spoons for mixing different finishes, latex gloves, filter stand, finish filters and my 3M full face respirator. This is the only method I have found that allows me to protect my eyes and not fog up at the same time, EVERYthing else foggs up.

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There is a drawer that houses the different Fuji gun tips, cleaning kit and various wrenches and can openers.

Next tool box drawer houses some mixing cups, other cups for dipping out small portions of finish, PPS 2.0 Caps and two sizes of PPS 2.0 lids (Midi and Standard lids…which I believe are the only two sizes.)

I then have a drawer that houses some Ford #4 viscosity cups, replacement gaskets and fittings and some respirator face shield protectors.

Next drawer has some chip brushes, rags, sandpaper and a replacement turbine filter for the Q5.

The most exciting drawer is the one that houses all the different cups. This has the original aluminum cup that comes with the T70 siphone spray gun, the 600ML nylon cup that comes with the T75G gun, the small 250ML nylon cups for the T70, and all the different size 3M PPS 2.0 cups and liners. I have the 22oz standard liners, 13.5oz midi liners and 6oz mini liners along with the small and standard size H/O (High output) hard cups that are needed to integrate the Fuji guns with the PPS system.

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Fuji Spray tip/viscosity chart:
Fuji Catalog:
3M PPS 2.0 Reference:


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Items in the video (some affiliate links):
Fuji Q5 5 Stage Turbine Spray System:
Harbor Freight Toolbox:
3M Full face Respirator:
3M Organic Vapor Cartridge:
3M PPS 2.0 Fitting #18 – 26054 (for T70)
3M PPS 2.0 Fitting #2 26003 (for T75G)
3M 177 ml Pressurized H/O Cup – 26121
3M 850 ml Pressurized H/O Cup – 26124
3M PPS Large Cup Ratio Inserts – 16091
3M PPS 13. 5 oz Mix Ratio Insert – 16155
3M PPS 2. 0 Cup Lid – 26204 for 177 H/O Cup
3M PPS 2.0 Cup/Cap/Liner/ Lid Standard
3M PPS 2. 0 13. 5 oz Midi Liner
3M PPS 2.0 mini liner
EDC Tool Belt:

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