How I Get So Much Hardwood for Woodworking Projects for FREE!

Tired of spending so much money on wood? This video will show my process for reclaiming free wood for woodworking projects!
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50 Free Woodworking Plans

Due to the high cost and low availability of materials where I live, it would be almost impossible for me to afford to purchase all of the materials for my DIY projects. In this Instructable, I will show my process for getting free wood – from someone’s trashed furniture, to ready-to-use lumber on my lumber rack – and it all starts with my bike. This video will show my complete process for getting free lumber and turning it into usable wood for DIY projects. Also, make sure to watch until the end of the video where I show my solutions for storing all of my scrap wood efficiently.

Check out James Wright’s great video on the Wood by Wright channel @Wood By Wright on getting free wood:

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