How To Make $500 A Day Woodworking / Building Tables

I was hired to build 3 Tables and bench sets for a local restaurant and I’m bringing you along for the process. I don’t have a huge shop, I don’t own a ton of tools, but I do know how to hustle! How to make money woodworking. Modern Builds

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50 Free Woodworking Plans

Doing Commissions isn’t my fill time gig, it’s making YouTube content so I recognize I have the opportunity to only take on the best projects that come my way, but hopefully there’s some inspiration or resources to help someone else that’s interested. Let me know what you’d like to see in the video next time I do a custom order!

Semi Exact:
Legs I Used:

Real Cedar:

Kreg Jig XL:

Videos I learned From:

Where I Get My Music (Free Trial):

Thanks for watching!!

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Thanks for watching!
-Mike Montgomery

Hi, My name is Mike Montgomery and I’m a MAKER; a designer, builder, and full-time content creator. Accessibility is my focus with Modern Builds, not simply accessibility of designs, but accessibility in materials, information, and projects themselves. I’ve focused on creating furniture and DIY projects that are simple enough that any beginner maker can accomplish, yet interesting enough that any expert might be inspired. Building and making is becoming less and less of an exclusive hobby and profession. My goal is to reduce that separation even further.

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