HOW TO MAKE A CHEAP DIY Guillotine: Halloween Guillotine Decoration | Woodworking Projects

In this video we describe how to make a wooden guillotine using only basic lumber from Home Depot. This guillotine works great as a Halloween Decoration and is made up entirely of one 2×4’s, screws, and aluminum flashing. All hardware and lumber was purchased at Home Depot, and this ended up costing around $25. The guillotine was about 2 feet tall, 2 feet deep, and 6 inches wide. We did not finish up the boards since it will likely be used indoors and applied a generous amount of heat with a blow torch to give it a spooky feel. Leave any questions and we’ll get to them.

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1 – 2×4 – Home Depot
Aluminum Flashing – Home Depot

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