Making a Live Edge Coffee Table with HDPE Bowties | Upcycling Recycled Plastic Waste and Firewood

In this video, we took a piece of wood destined for the fire pit and a handful of bottle tops and turned them into this awesome live edge coffee table with recycled plastic bowties. This combination of woodworking and recycled plastic is something we’ve been wanting to do for a long time now and we’re so pleased we finally got round to it.

We chose to use recycled plastic instead of resin, as resin is not a sustainable material and creates so much waste that can’t be reused. With all our recycled plastic projects, we collect every scrap of plastic that comes off our tools and machines in order to reuses it in other projects.

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What do you think of this one? Shall we do more projects with a combination of materials? Thanks for watching!

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➡️ We sell 100% plastic products on our website!
➡️ We don’t buy any of our plastic. It all comes from collection and donations. We have a video all about it:
➡️ Our workshop is powered 100% by renewable energy. We don’t use any energy from fossil fuels whatsoever.
➡️ All of our waste is collected and reused. We don’t send any plastic to landfill.


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