Sell for profit in 2023 this woodworking project or make it as gift (Knife Holder/Knife Block – DIY)

Made with pine or hardwood as you prefer, this low cost, easy to build project will be a hit! Whether you want to make them to sell, for yourself or as a gift, see how I made one in pine and one using maple and purpleheart. We hope that you will enjoy this video and that you will consider liking it and subscribing to our channel. Please also turn on the bell for notifications so that you can learn about our new videos as they come out and please leave a comment.

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Products identical or similar to the ones seen in this video:
Spray lacquer:
Varathane wood stain:
Butcher block conditioner:
Chef’s Knives:
Protective goggles:
Noise reducing earmuffs:
Combination square:
Orbital sander:
90 degree tri square:
Dewalt 10 Inch. table saw:
Dewalt 8.5 Inch table saw:
Dewalt 12 Inch. Miter saw:
Glue spreader:
Small brushes:
Thin kerf table saw blade (10 Inch – 24 Teeth):
Miter saw blades (12 Inch – Combo)
Cross-cut sled:

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