Small Woodworking Projects – Simple Woodworking Projects for beginners [3 of 3]

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Easy Woodworking projects — Some small woodworking projects for home [Part 3 of 3] (How to make a jewelry box
Below is a timeline of the video which is interactive. Just click the time on the left to be brought to that section of the video.

00:00 The chopping board from part is finished.
How to make a jewelry box
01:20 Les begins to make a jewellery box from scrap pieces of timber. He glues several pieces of timber together, glues them and then squares them up using a bandsaw
03:25 The parts that were cut out on the bandsaw are now glued together and clamped while the glue sets
04:10 The jewellery box is sanded and waxed
How to make a wooden bowl
05:23 Turning a bowl
06:18 Les begins to turn bowl on the lathe and create a rough round shape from the block of timber
06:31 Les carves out the inside of the wooden bowl on the wood lathe
07:21 Les sands the inside and the outside of the bowl and then applies an oil finish
08:20 Conclusions
I hope you have enjoyed this video series and I also hope that you have gained enough confidence to start your own woodworking projects.

If you want to go back over any parts then do so.
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