The 12 Days Of Makemas – Day 7 of Woodworking Project Gift Ideas

The 12 Days of Makemas are here! On the sixth day of Makemas we are making a nutcracker bottle opener (the bottle-cracker) on the cnc!
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How I Made This:
Bottle Opener Inserts: (Amazon Affiliate Link)
Double Sided Tape I Use: (Amazon Affiliate Link)
60 Degree GrooVee Jenny Bit:
Downtown Jenny Bit:
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🔥Upcoming Makemas Livestream:
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🔥Limited Time Discount Codes!
MAKEMAS2022 = 10% Entire Cart of (December 1-13 ONLY)
MAKEMAS2022 = Free Suck-It Dust Boot Basic On A Purchase Of ANY New CNC Machine From (December 14-26 ONLY)
MAKEMAS2022 = 25% Off My Etsy File Packs; “Maketember Day 1-30” , “2022 Best Sellers” , “Makemas 2022” (December 1-26 ONLY)
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🔥Makemas Supporters!
(Jenny CNC Bits)
(Limited Free Files Every Month)
(The CNC Software I Personally Use And Paid For Myself)
(The CNC Machine I Personally Use And Paid For Myself)
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Carveco’s Daily Free Christmas Files:
Buying Carveco? Use Code “HAMILTON” for a discount:
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$100 Gift Card: Jenny CNC Bits
$500 Gift Card: CNC Clipart
Carveco Maker+ Perpetual License ($1,200 Value)
Onefinity CNC X-35 Woodworker Machine (USA & Canada only)
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The link above shows how the drawings will be done at random. This was done in October and these prizes have already been won.
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Rowdy Roman Etsy:
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My Etsy:
My Instagram:
My Patreon:
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Free Canva Pro Trial:
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The CNC I use is a Onefinity Journeyman X-50 CNC Machine. Although I don’t have any experience with the X-Carve or the Shapeoko, all of these projects that I show in the video can be made with my files, as they are just vectors that can be cut on any cnc machine. Check out my other videos on the channel that go over those projects as well as the others!
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🔥Send Me Stickers🔥
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P.O. Box 3244
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