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This week I’m reviewing the capabilities of my new Glowforge PRO. Visit to get up to $500 off your Glowforge, and help support the channel.

Rockler Products used in this video
Rockler DustRight 4” Dust Hose
Rockler Precision Glue Applicator Bundle
Rockler Sure-Foot Clamps
Brass Label Holders
Black Wood Veneer
Rockler Pro Lift Router Table Lift

50 Free Woodworking Plans

Affiliate links to products featured
To get up to $500 off your Glowforge
ISOtunes PRO 2.0 Noise Cancelling Ear Buds
AC Infinity Cloudline T6 Fan
6” to 4” Galvanized reducer
Pipe Crimper
Milwaukee M12 Drill and Driver Set
4” Dryer Vent
Magnet kit for coding down materials
Shaper Origin Hand Held CNC
Brass Label Holders
Black Cast Acrylic Plexiglas
Harvey ALPHA HW615 Bandsaw
Super Max 16-32 Drum Sander
Contact Masking Transfer Paper
Clock Movement Kit no 1
Clock Movement Kit no 2
Black Wood Veneer
India ink
Kutzall Hand Rasps
Starbond CA Glue
Bumblechutes Shop Wax
CerMark Spray for Metal
CerMark Spray for Ceramic and Glass

Mechanical Keyboard Specs
Keychron K8 Wireless Hot Swap Keyboard
Rome SA Key Caps
Purple Panda Switches

Videos Mentioned
John Kuiphoff – Laser Engrave Everything with a Glowforge!

Apps used in video
Adobe Illustrator
Shaper Studio
(I have apologize there’s a bit of confusion on my end about Shaper Studio it is a great program, but it requires a subscription after a 14 day trial. Their Beta version, Labs, was free when they released it. There are, however, other free vector apps like Inkscape which I can feature in the next Glowforge video.)

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