TWO tools that changed my business!

I bought the wrong machine when I first started in the laser and CNC space. This video talks about the mistake I made and some things to think about if you’re in the market for a machine.
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There are many benefits of using laser engravers and CNC machines in making personalized and unique products. These machines are essential tools for makers and DIYers who want to add a personal touch to their projects. Laser engravers are an easy and versatile tool that can cut a wide range of materials, including wood, glass, rubber, acrylic, and leather. I walk through some practical tips on how to use and source materials for laser engravers and show how you can sell projects, such as ornaments and wooden signs, for a 50-80% profit margin. Finally, I discuss how CNC machines can be used for more complex projects, such as carving and milling, but requires more experience and investment.

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OMTech website (use link and OMTech discount code “VOELTNER5″ for 5% off):

Lightburn Software:

OMTech AF3555 130w CO2 laser with 35″x55” capacity (same as my machine):

OMTech water chiller (same as I own – to be covered in future video):

Xtool diode laser:

Beginner CNC Machines:
Starter CNC bit set 1: OR
Starter CNC bit set 2:

Maker Stock website:

Cork Coasters:
Sample Clear Acrylic:
Colored acrylic:

Video Equipment Used:
Sony A7iii:
Konova Slider:
Camera tripod:
Aputure 300x LED Light:
Godox 140cm Top Octagon Grid Softbox:

00:00:00 Two tools for woodworking business
00:00:37 Different types of laser engravers
00:02:04 Advantages and uses of CO2 lasers
00:02:52 Materials for laser engraving
00:03:45 Download designs for the laser
00:04:29 Custom projects with laser cutter
00:06:38 Laser value assessment
00:07:19 Advantages of CNCs
00:09:00 What can you make with a CNC?
00:12:38 CNC versus Laser comparison
00:13:05 CNC with laser attachment
00:14:35 Should you buy a laser or CNC

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