Watch This Before Buying CA Glue For Woodworking Projects

In this video I’ll tell you why YOU need CA glue in your woodworking shop. I wish I had known about CA glue as a beginner. Learning woodworking tips and tricks comes with time. It took me a long time before I would try Starbond glue because I didn’t understand how to use it and what it could do. Starbond CA glue is one of those essential woodworking supplies to have in the shop. If you need to fill a crack in wood, use CA glue. If you need to fill a knot hole in wood, use CA glue. You can use CA glue instead of wood putty to fill nail and screw holes. It’s better than wood putty in my opinion because it won’t shrink and break out later. CA glue is one of the most useful supplies you can have in the woodworking shop. You’ll need both the CA glue and activator for it to dry in 30 seconds. This glue is sandable, paintable and stainable. I want to share with you how it is used and how amazing CA glue can be in your shop. Affiliate links are used in this description and they help support this channel.

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0:00 intro
0:38 Fill knot holes in wood
1:29 Fill cracks in wood
3:10 Stain CA Glue
3:45 Why you need CA Glue

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