Watch This Before You Buy a Laser Engraver

I bought an OMTech laser for my small business because I outgrew my previous 40w laser. In this video I go over some things to consider when looking to buy a laser engraver.

CAPACITY: Contrary to popular belief, size matters, atleast when we’re talking about laser cutting capacity. The size of your laser can limit your potential for many projects, but not all shops are created equal and can fit a large industrial laser. I used my 40w CO2 laser for years for thousands of projects until I finally outgrew it.

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POWER: CO2 lasers come in a variety of wattage options, with most ranging between 40-150 watts. Diode lasers are also an option if you’re doing small projects that don’t require any cutting, however, if you’re looking to cut materials like wood, leather, and acrylic, you’ll need a machine that can handle cutting.

COST: You can get an entry level CO2 laser for less than $500 with a cutting capacity of 8″x12″ all the way up to 40″x63″ for around $8k. Laser engravers are a great way to make your product stand out on Facebook marketplace and Etsy, and gives you an advantage to provide customized products to your customers.

I cover the various options in each category if you’re looking to buy a laser engraver.


OMTech website (use link and code “VOELTNER5″ for 5% off any machine):

Lightburn Software:

OMTech AF3555 130w CO2 laser with 35″x55” capacity (same as my machine):

OMTech water chiller (same as I own – to be covered in future video):

Etsy Shop:

Video Equipment Used:
Sony A7iii:
Konova Slider:
Camera tripod:

00:00 Should you buy a laser?
00:40 What is a CO2 laser?
02:55 What can I make with a laser engraver?
03:55 Overview of laser capacity
05:24 Cutting capacity of laser engravers
06:12 Power of laser engravers
08:00 How much does a CO2 laser cost?
10:50 OMTech discount code

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