Wood delivery day – I got a palette of cookie slabs from Spain!

I got a palette of cookie slabs from Spain delivered! It’s unpacking day!

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50 Free Woodworking Plans

More about the power tools and materials I use:
Epoxy resin and epoxy coloring:
Festool Power Tools:
Lumber, glue and filler:
Other materials:
Power tools I use:
Shaper Origin gear:
Screws and sockets:
Table legs, table extension and other mounting gear:

Welcome to my woodworking channel. I am passionate about taking the most wonderful woods mother nature created and turning them into beautiful objects of day to day use. This is not a DIY channel about teaching the woodworking craft, showing you new and nifty techniques about how to build wooden objects or anything alike. It’s about celebrating nature’s beauty and providing inspiration for projects of your own.

Thanks for your support!

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