Woodturning – Super Nice Oak #Speedy

I’ve been waiting to turn this piece of wood for a while now. It’s been sitting outside drying for well over a year and a half and I thought this week was the right time to turn it. In all honesty I wasn’t sure what I was going with, I just had some fun with it and let the wood dictate the shape. I was hoping for some better grain, but as its a small piece most of the best grain got removed during turning.

The Oak has been sanded up too 10000 grit, and finished with Danish Oil. I will give it a few more coats of Danish Oil, and then put it on display. However, I’m happy to sell this one if anyone is interested.

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My videos are for entertainment purposes only. I am still relatively new to woodturning and some of my techniques might not be the “best” or safest. When using any tools or machinery always read and understand safety/manufacturers guidelines.
Yes, I’m aware that wearing gloves while woodturning is considered an unsafe practise. The gloves I wear are tight fitting and don’t have any loose threads. I wear them for the protection of my skin. This is a risk that I am willing to take, however I am still very conscious of the potential danger and I do not touch any spinning parts of the lathe. DO NOT do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.

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