Woodworking Business Ideas – How To Sell Your Woodworking Items

– You can build beautiful things in wood. But how and where can you sell them?

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Most start-up companies place too much focus on facilities and equipment and too little focus on marketing and sales. But marketing and sales are absolutely critical to the success of your business. After all, you’re not really “in business” until you have customers willing to pay a healthy price for the items you craft out of wood.

Sales make everything else flow. Without a sale, all you have are your tools, woodworking equipment and whatever space you’re operating from. Sure, you can go ahead and build anything you want with the intention of selling it later. For example, if there is an upcoming craft show, you would want to build up a good inventory of products to have on hand. But the essence of business lies in generating sales at a profit. That’s what it’s all about. You don’t want to make more products than you can sell or it will cost you. Unsold merchandise needs to be stored – and there’s a cost associated to that.

Instead of dreaming about getting that new sliding arm table saw you checked out at the trade show, figure out how you’re going to attract a steady flow of customers, first and foremost. While the saw would be an awesome thing to have – it’s really just another piece of equipment. It’s way more valuable to you as a business owner have cash-spending customers because that’s what will keep you in business.

Thankfully, there are more opportunities to sell your goods than ever before. The first thing you should consider is the online marketplace. It’s huge and only going to get larger and become an even more predominant venue for consumer purchasing.

So it’s important to begin to build an online presence as you grow your business. It may be more important than anything else you do in your woodworking shop, simply because it’s where thousands of buyers are hanging out. If you want to sell more of your wood crafts, start to develop an online marketing strategy. It’s the most cost-effective way to expand your reach and connect with people all over the world who otherwise wouldn’t be able to find you or your products.

Start with a simple WordPress website. You don’t need dozens of pages to get started. All you need is one. But getting it out there increases your marketing potential.

Also, consider selling your goods on established authority websites like Etsy and Ebay. These sites have been around for years and have built a level of trust and authority that brings them a lot of traffic. You just can’t match that kind of traffic with your brand new site, even though it’s essential that you build yours as a foundation.

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