Woodworking Projects for Kids: How to Build a Box

In this video, Jack and Drew demonstrate how to build a box. Building a box helps sharpen the fundamental skills needed to build more complex woodworking projects. The tools you will need for this project are: a handsaw, a hammer, corner clamps, speed square, tape measure and a pencil.

The first step to building a box is to cut all the pieces. Using the tape measure, make a mark at 4 inches. Don’t forget to mark an X on the side you are not going to use. Then extend the line all the way across the board with a speed square. Note: Measuring and marking is the key to any successful woodworking project.

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Before the next step, follow these safety tips: put on safety glasses, clean work area, no loose clothing, hair tied up and make sure your fingers are out of the way.

Clamp down the board and use a handsaw to cut. Follow this step three more times. Once the four pieces are cut, use your finger to spread the glue on the long edge. Push the two pieces together and check to be sure it is flush with a speed square. Clamp the pieces together and let the glue dry.

Finish by nailing the pieces together with a hammer. Sand the wood to get rid of any rough edges. Once everything is complete, you can paint or stain the box to your preference. To find advanced woodworking projects, visit

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