✅10 Piece Tool Kit Perfect For Beginners In The Hobby✅

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A good tool kit can make this hobby much more enjoyable. I remember starting out with those little plastic handle allen drivers or worse yet, the L shape drivers. Investing in my first tool set was the best decision I have made.

In this video, I show you what I think is the best tool set you can get when starting out in this hobby. Not only do you get the 3 most popular sizes of allen drivers, but you also get two box drivers, a phillips and flathead screwdrivers as well as the 3 pliers you are going to need in this hobby, especially helicopters. The 3 pliers are needle nose, side cutters and ball link pliers! And those ball link pliers are awesome! I do wish they had sold this kit when I got started for this price!

But I take it one step further in this video and we actually measure these tips to see just how close they really are to actual size. I think this may surprise you!

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