10 Essential Woodworking Tools – Woodworking Tips and Tricks

The ten most important tools you should add to your woodworking shop. These are the tools beyond a socket set and cordless drill. When you are ready to make that next step to being a more serious woodworker. Potentially when you are ready to start generating some income from your hobby.

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Tools in this video (and cheaper alternates):
Laguna BX:
Makita miter saw:
Festool miter saw:
Bosch miter saw:
Oneida Super Cell:
Smaller dust collection alternative:
Grizzly jointer:
Grizzly planer:
Festool ETS 150:
Festool ETS 125:
Festool Rotex:
Narex 4 piece chisel set:
Narex 8 piece chisel set:
Festool router:
(good) bosch router:
Trim router:
Sandpaper storage:

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