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Here are 35 Woodworking Hand Tools for beginners:

Master woodworker, Chester Spier is showing us 35 woodworking hand tools for beginners. Chet is a craftsman and producer of fine woodworking projects. He is best known as a set builder and property master for television and film. His impeccable work is featured on the television series, Matlock and countless popular films. In case you don’t know, a property master makes and/or procures all objects that an actor touches.  He is here today to share his knowledge with us and teach us how to use some basic woodworking tools.

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Learn hand tool uses and their applications.
Do you really need all 35 woodworking tools presented here today? You can make up your own mind and base your decision on the type of project you want to make. Many are inexpensive to purchase at garage or estate sales. There is no need to purchase new tools because Chet teaches us how to care for them. A local woodworking shop sells all the tools that Chester highlights today so they are all easy to find. I am learning how to use a few of these tools myself and find them applicable for some of my craft projects too.

Watch this 35 woodworking hand tools for beginners video and learn something new!
Chet demonstrates many of the tools that he shows us today. This is a great way for us  to make up our minds and make a purchase. Hand tools are a safe way to cut and shape wood so that we can repair and make beautiful wooden items. There are no power tools presented here. Let’s do this the old-fashioned way and cut the electrical cord. I have some of my Grandfather’s tools still in use in my own workshop. Perhaps you can dust off your hand-me-downs too and start creating beautiful wooden objects with the help of a second-generation master woodworker, Chester Spier. Thank you so much Chester Spier!

Please check out Chet’s YouTube channel @ Chester Spier and Instagram @ chesterspier

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