94 – Jointer & Planer, Exactly How to Use Them, What They Are, What They Do, Why You Might Need Both

Jointer and Planer, Exactly How to Use Them, What They Are, What They Do, and Why You Might Need Both

Having lumber that is flat and square with parallel faces & sides makes any woodworking project go so much easier. This really is the secret to good woodworking. If you have to fight your lumber, it’s very difficult to produce quality pieces.

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The jointer and planer are the magic tools that will give you perfectly flat & square lumber. But, you MUST know how to use them. There is a specific sequence to using them to produce the required results.

Unfortunately there are a lot of misinformation out there as to the proper way to use a jointer. With this video I will attempt to explain the proper use of the jointer and the planer, and explain why things must be done in a certain order, and show that the jointer alone is insufficient.

One thing to consider, if you have a jointer & planer, a much bigger market of wood opens up to you. You can buy rough sawn lumber. You can buy lumber cheaper if you flatten & square it yourself. And of course, you can even turn some branches or logs into lumber since you can now do your own milling.

Here is a link to some of the tools I used in the video… I’m also including a couple of jointers and planers that I’ve used in the past that I like.

Grizzly 8” jointer
Grizzly 15” planer

DeWalt 13” Planer

Cutech jointer
Cutech planer

Steel Square
Boeshield T9
Boeshield Rust

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