A Basic Set of Inexpensive Quality Beginner Tools – Start Woodworking Class Two PART 1

A Basic Set of Inexpensive Quality Beginner Tools – Start Woodworking Class Two: The Bandsaw and Knife – Part One

The second class in our Start Woodworking series, where we focus more on skill development than tool and jig acquisition, needed to be broken up into three sections. Upon editing it turned out to be too long. So the class was broken up into:
– A Basic Set of Beginner Tools (This Video)
– A Beginners Guide to the Band Saw (Link Coming)
– The Knife Project (Link Coming)

50 Free Woodworking Plans

In this video I go over a selection of tools I plan on using in this course. Only one or two will be featured in each class with the ones in this class being the Bandsaw and Sloyd Knife. But some people asked me to give an overview so that they can begin collecting what’ll be needed in the future. This selection is of good enough quality to be considered lifetime tools but on a budget. I’m quite confident you can begin assembling this kit if you shop used or beg/borrow/steal (don’t steal) for $100, $200 or $500.

So enjoy the introduction to the class as we go over a well rounded set of tools that will provide a new woodworker with opportunities down a lot of different genre of the craft.

External Sites Discussed:
– Patrick’s Blook and Gore:

Tools & Material Used: (These are not affiliate links, I am not paid a commission on sales)
– Bar Clamps:
– Quick Clamps:
– Gramercy Hold Fast:
– Horse Butt:
– Diamond Stones (mine are 2×6″ course and fine):
– Panel Saw:
– Coping Saw:
– Backsaw:
– Chisels:
– Miller Falls Eggbeater Drill
– Miller Falls Jack Plane
– Stanley Block Plane:


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