Alpha Tools PSC-150 Miter Cutting Kit

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Alpha Tools Miter Cutting Kit comes complete with the redesigned and much improved guide rail system with a new carriage assembly (ASC-6CSM) that will accommodate the use of the PSC-1500 6″ Pneumatic Stone Cutter. This miter cutting system allows you to make straight, cure and miter cuts with just a few simple adjustments. With a set up of 2 stone cutter/carriages, you can cut a V and the edges are ready for lamination.

Miter cut 3/4” (2 cm) material with ease
One-time easy setup on the guide rail allows for two different miter cut positions for lamination prep
Precise miter cuts for laminated waterfall edge or bookmarking
Carriage has three templates included that assist the installation of the stone cutter for left side/right side miter cutting as well as straight cutting
Single setup (1 PSC-150/carriage assembly), the guide rail need only be setup once on the material
PSC-150 can then be positioned to create a miter cut, then re-positioned for a second miter cut to create the V
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