Arabella's Bronze Bumper – Episode 264 – Acorn to Arabella: Journey of a Wooden Boat

Handrails, also called grabrails, aren’t just a convenient feature… they’re one of the most important boat safety items aboard. They should be comfortable in the hand, easy to reach, and of course people also would like them to be aesthetically pleasing. They should be everywhere aboard, ready to grab in case of a sudden and unexpected motion, as happens from time to time in a quiet anchorage with passing boat traffic.

These handrails are one of the most anticipated boat parts in this DIY wooden boat so far (it covers the joint between the grub aka house sill and the cabin house) and so we hope you enjoy the covered bronze bolts and the more finished look of the interior.

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Steve installs a large piece of custom bronze hardware to the boat, which covers almost the entirety of the stem.

We also bung all the fastener holes, get a little more work done on the companionway hatch, check in with Akiva, and get a little further on the traveler, which is an important part for the running rigging and sail trim.

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Acorn to Arabella is a wooden boat building project taking place in Granby, Massachusetts. Steve started as an amateur wooden boat builder building a 38′ wooden sailboat in his backyard: designer William Atkin’s Ingrid with a Stormy Petrel’s gaff rig. These videos follow the journey from tree felling, to lumber milling, to lofting, to the lead keel pour and beyond—sharing details of the woodworking, carpentry, metal smithing, tool building, and tool maintenance that classic wooden boats command. This ultimate DIY boatbuilding project will continue well past launch, when he and the crew will travel and learn to cruise aboard the handmade wooden boat that they’ve built. Just kidding about all that, this channel is about a Siberian Laika named Akiva.


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