Axcaliber Quick Set Mortice Chisel & Bits

These chisels sets are made from hardened tool steel (RC64) and the design incorporates an auger with a deep, high ratio flute, which quickly removes the waste chippings from the mortise.

The auger bit has a conical point on the end and one cutting spur which is very easy to sharpen with a small file, but the most innovative part is a unique shank collar. Once set and locked in the correct position, it allows the bit to be inserted quickly to a given depth into the chuck or collet of the machine.

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The result is that the chisel no longer needs to be adjusted each time it’s used.

Simply lock the collar in the right place, insert the auger into the machine chuck, set the chisel correctly and it’s ready to start cutting mortices. The collar also prevents the chisel from accidentally dropping onto the cast iron surface of the morticer bed.

The flutes of the auger are also painted in a blue, low friction finish, which prevents the waste chippings from adhering to the bit.

The hollow chisel is finely ground and is relieved behind the cutting face to make it less prone to jamming when removed from the mortice. The circular shank of the chisel is also recessed in the centre to ensure that any securing bolts do not raise burrs when tightened, which would make insertion and removal difficult.

The internal bore of the chisel is also machined to a precise diameter. This minimises the space between the chisel and bit, which reduces the chance of waste material jamming between the two.

A deep slot machined in one face of the chisel allows the waste to be quickly ejected from the mortice.

There are approximately 40 machining operations in the manufacture of each chisel set. Every one of them is inspected after each stage and rejected if not within tolerance.

These bits cut very well, are exceptionally easy to set and are ideal for trade or hobby use, with the proviso that the machine is capable of providing adequate power.

Our dry lubricant is also worth applying on a regular basis to all parts of the chisel and bit. This will help to reduce friction and prevent the accumulation of resin, both of which will ultimately improve performance.

The auger shank is not hardened and may need to be cut to length (to suit the machine) with a good quality hacksaw blade.

They are available in a range of imperial or metric sizes and are supplied in a convenient storage tube.

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