Basic Beginner Bushcraft Tools 2021 – What you need to get started.

The fundamentals to get you started on your bushcraft journey.
More than just edged tools, this video shows you my best bushcraft gear 2021 and the reasons why I have chosen them to be part of my kit.

My DD hammock, Morakniv and Laplander are all particularly great additions to my kit.
I am not sponsored by the kit companies and was not given any freebies to make this video. This is my genuine bushcraft kit.

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00:00 Basic Beginner Bushcraft Tools 2021 – What you need to get started
01:10 Bags
3:28 Shelters
04:12 Kit for sleeping
05:38 Cordage
06:43 Cooking
08:55 Gloves
09:48 Snoods and clothing
10:25 Navigation
10:48 Edged tools -axes
10:37 Sharpening
15:04 Knives
18:18 Saw
20:11 First Aid Kit

This video is part of our Bushcraft Essentials Series

Where to buy just some of the kit I mentioned…it’s not an exhaustive list – let me know in the comments if there’s something missing you want to get your hands on

My new bag: Helikon EDC Cordura:
Helikon Poncho:
Karrimore Sabre 45 Litre:
DD XL Hammock:
Silk Hammock:
Foam roll mat:
Survival bivvy bag:
550 Paracord:
Stanley cup:
Nalgene bottle:
Crusader mug:
Fireproof gloves:
Merino wool base layer:
Lambswool jumper:
Laplander folding saw:
Lanksy blade medic:
Falkniven sharpening stone:
First Aid kit:
Mora Companion Knife:
Mora Black Knife:
Israeli bandage:

Whilst we are not sponsored by any of these products, the video and/or the description may contain some affiliate links. This means if you buy one of the products we recommend, we’ll make a small commission which helps us continue to make our videos. We never recommend anything we haven’t used or don’t 100% believe in.

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