Basic Carpentry Tools

These are all of my most used tools. That’s why they come with me to every job!

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Here is an amazon list of all the tools I could find:
DISCLAIMER: As an Amazon Associate I make a small commission from purchases through these links. Thank you for the support!!!!

Stabila level:
Fat max tape: I chose the value pack. The 16 foot tape rules!
Speed square and combo square: Great deal!
Hammer: I love this little hammer!
Picquic Stubby:
Drywall Circle Cutter:
Nail pullers: Estwing Stilleto
Channel Locks:
Glaziers Bar:
Circuit tester:
Wire Stripper:
Vise Grips:
Crescent Wrench:
Slip Joint Pliers:
Needle nose:
Side cutting:
Linesmen Pliers:
Tin Snips:
Nail punches:
Cold chisel:


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