Beginning Woodworker's Basic Hand Tool Kit: Kid's in the Tiny Woodshop

My little girl has shown a very keen interest in working wood like daddy. So, for Christmas, my wife and I decided to promote that interest by purchasing her a kit of basic hand tools so she can get the right start. This hand tool list and is designed to give a person all the basic tools to make something out of wood. Please note that I have included nothing for sharpening, as she can rely on me for that, and she will have to depend on me, or the lumber yard, to cut large pieces down to a manageable size for her. The video includes information on where to go from here and some details on the Roy Underhill tool tote that I made to hold Zoe’s new tools. Thanks for watching and subscribing, and Happy New Year. Here is the list of basic tools, as promised in the video:

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Clamping, 3” C Clamps – 2 of them
Cleaning, Lee Valley Chinese Brush
Drill/Drive, #2 Robertson Screwdriver
Drill/Drive, 1/4” Brad Point Drill Bit
Drill/Drive, 1/8” Brad Point Drill Bit
Drill/Drive, 3/16” Brad Point Drill Bit
Drill/Drive, 7/64” HSS Twist Drill Bits for Pre Drilling
Drill/Drive, Cordless Drill
Joinery, 1/2” Bench Chisel
Joinery, Mallet (hand made)
Marking, 12’ Tape Measure or Folding Rule
Marking, Awl
Marking, Combination Square
Marking, Marking Gauge
Marking, Sliding Bevel Gauge
Nailing, Hammer, 8 0z. Claw
Nailing, Nail Puller/ End Cutter
Nailing, Nail Set
Sawing, Back Saw
Sawing, Carpenter Saw
Sawing, Coping Saw and Blades
Sawing, Fret Saw Platform (hand made)
Shaping, 4 in 1 Rasp File
Shaping, Block Plane
Shaping, Sanding Block (hand made)

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