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As a hybrid woodworker, storing and protecting my handtools in a way that makes them easily accessible is very important. My Dutch Tool Chest is basically an entire handtool woodshop in a box. In it is every single tool I need to turn a tree into a piece of fine furniture. It is handy to take my entire handtool workshop with me when I teach classes and build in my friends’ shops. Building a dutch tool chest is one of the most requested projects my channel has had because folks always see me using it in my videos. I built my first dutch tool chest after reading about the project in a piece written by Christopher Schwarz. You can read what he’s written on the topic on the Lost Art Press blog and he also has a video about building a dutch toolchest available through Lie-Nielsen Toolworks. Building a Dutch Toolchest is a great weekend project utilizing fairly inexpensive materials which will allow you to practice your dovetails (don’t worry, it’s painted!), dado grooves, tongue and groove joints, and breadboard ends.

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