Build This Shop Cabinet In One Day! | Organization and Storage Woodworking

Free Plans 👉

Build this shop cart and stand for the thickness planer in one day using the Rockler Rock-Steady Shop Stand (✅ Rock-Steady Shop Stand to improve shop organization so you can get back to building!

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*Thanks to Rockler for sponsoring this project! I do NOT make any commissions if you decide to check out their products and plans. 😊


🔧 Tools/Supplies Used (Affiliate) 🔧

■ Planer (Amazon)
■ Impact Driver (Amazon)
■ Tracksaw (Amazon)
■ Large Pocket Hole Jig (Amazon)
■ Small Pocket Hole Jig (Amazon)
■ Pushblock (Amazon)
■ Calipers (Amazon)
■ Drawer Slides (Amazon)
■ Drawer Pulls (Amazon)
■ 3/4″ Black Screws (Amazon)

📷 Film Gear (Affiliate) 📷

■ Lapel Microphone (Amazon)
■ Main Camera (Amazon)
■ Backup Camera (Amazon)
■ Main Lens (Amazon)


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