China Tools Episode 9, are these clamps worth $ 35

If you are interested in these kind of clamps, You have to watch this “In Depth” review!

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In this video:

NEW Dog hole Clamps

Other products I mentioned in this video:
Drill bit Depth Gauge

A sanding paper set for woodturning

Carbon steel rasp file

The product from this review was sent to me by Banggood for testing.
This does not mean that I do get all my products. I review also a lot of products I bought myself.
I started these reviews because from my experience not every tool from China was worth buying. So I wanted to make in-depth reviews to show you which products you should consider and which product you better leave alone. The fact that banggood sent me products occasionally does not change the way I make my reviews. I still give in-depth reviews and give you my honest opinion!

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