Easier Homemade Bar Clamps

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Plans for this project can be found here:

These clamps are an easier and cheaper to make version of steel clamps I made a while ago. While not being quite as heavy duty as the steel clamps they still have plenty of clamping pressure for any glue up and they should still last for years.

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I’ve made plans for these clamps as that got requested a lot, for the original clamps. The plans took a lot of work to put together as I’ve not made plans before, other than quick and dirty sketches for my own use. Unfortunately I didn’t make plans for the original steel clamps but I think these plans could be of help if you wanted to make those ones.

The other thing I got asked was how much they cost – these clamps cost $10AUD probably a little cheaper elsewhere in the world.

I’m more than happy to answer any questions.

The plans can be found here

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