Easy Beginner Woodworking Project with a Rockler Cutting Board Kit | The New Janky Workshop

In this episode, Geoff shows how to put together a cutting board kit from Rockler, specifically this one: made with angelique, wenge, and maple hardwoods. Also, since tomorrow is Valentine’s day, this is also a little love note to Rockler 😉

This is a great beginner project, as the lumber has already been milled down to the sizes it needs to be. So in this video, we cover the glue up, clamping, using cauls, planing, sanding, and trimming up edges on the table saw.

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You do not need a planer or a table saw for this project, you can use hand planes, hand sanders, belt sanders, disc sanders, etc. You can even use a good ol’ wood saw if you so choose. We just happen to have a planer and a table saw, so we used those to speed up the project.

This video is NOT sponsored by Rockler. It was sponsored by Geoff’s Credit Card.

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