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End Grain Butcher Block from Reclaimed Hardwood

In the fall of 2022, we made a kiln and filled it with freshly milled slabs. Two lots were cleared north of us and we couldn’t watch them put these huge trees into the dumpsters. The wood has been drying in the kiln for about 8 weeks. Let’s see how many projects we can complete from this first run!

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– Step 6
The glue-ups are ready to have the clamps and cauls removed.
They’ll head through the drum sander for clean, even surfaces.
The router will be used on every corner before hand sanding, finish sanding, & sealing.

– Step 5
We have released and prepared 2 design elements to be glued together.
The large glue-up design will be cut into strips on the table saw, followed by the smaller accent design.
This will be the last glue-up for these boards.
Next, we’ll release and finish them up.

– Step 4
We have 4 glue-ups ready to be released today.
The drum sander will be the first stop to remove the extra glue.
Next, we’ll head to the table saw to square up the edges.
We have 4 glue-ups ready to come together in the next step.

– Step 3
The planer, drum sander, and band saw have already prepped the pieces. The table saw will be used to trim and square up everything for clean edges. There are four glue-ups happening for the 1st stage of design.
We’ll release the clamps and continue the process in the next step.

– Step 2
The slabs have been cut into workable sizes and are ready to go through the planer. After the surfaces are leveled they head to the table saw for a trim.
The smaller design elements are almost ready as they run through the drum sander to ensure a nice glue-up. We’ll finish processing the larger pieces in the next step.

– Step 1
Unseal & Unload the kiln.
The slabs are very heavy so Brett cut them down with a circular saw first.
The band saw was next to remove bark and find edges. He cut the pieces down further as he prepared them for a butcher block design.
The planer and SawStop are up next.

Turning reclaimed wood into functional items makes us very happy.

We decided when we started woodworking that reclaimed lumber or upcycled wood projects would be our specialties! We love giving new life to the excellent wood headed for the burn pile or landfill.

As always Thank you so much for watching our progress!

🛠 Tools used on this project are listed below:
Jet Band Saw:
SawStop Contractor Saw:
Magswitch Featherboard Pro:

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