Essential tools for Woodworking

I am listing what I consider to be the essential woodworking tools for a beginner to get started. this of course is objective and I am sure others will believe differently. I encourage you to post comments both with what you agree with and where you think I am off base. Please remember that this is very objective and everyone will have their own opinion. meaning no one is really right or wrong :)…

At the end I think I said around $100. That was a bad guess. With a corded sander and budgeting $100 for the drill and bits it is more like $400. I also put $30 for each plane used. This is doable at flea markets. When I said $100 I was going without the sander and $20 for the drill. So that rout is going to be more like $275… Best advice is buy the tool only when you need it.

One more thing. That Makita drill kit is $250!!!!!!! I bought it used about 3 years ago and got a good deal. I honestly would have used the Ryobi drill in a beginner video if I knew these were that expensive. Sorry about that.

50 Free Woodworking Plans

Enjoy. Links below, I’ll add more as I find them….

Also, I am using a new camera and did this in 4K. Please let me know if you notice a difference…

Irwin Carpenters saw –

Stanley Leverlock 12′ Tape measure at Home Depot –

Dewalt 16′ tape measure –

Swanson speed square –

Stanley marking knife (Note this is an add on item at just $5) – href=”

Estwing Rubber mallet –

Veritas marking gauge –

Shark saw –

Veritas cross cut back saw –

24 inch clamps at Harbor Freight –

18 inch clamps at Harbor Freight –

Ryobi (corded) random orbit sander –

Vise at Lowes –

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