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Full transcript:
Hello our buddy, this is Jeff at Today, we’re gonna take a look at the MORrydes StepAbove fold down steps for the 27 and three quarter inch to 30 and one quarter inch wide RV door frames. Now these are manually operated RV steps. They make it very easy to get into and out of your travel trailer fifth wheel. Basically, you just simply fold them down for use and then fold them back up for travel. It does offer a grab handle here on the second stair, which is the second step down from the top here.

This handle provide a nice handhold when you’re maneuvering the steps so you can grab it to raise them up to put them in the stowed position. And then when you go to pull them down, you can grab that handle, pull them down. Now the steps will lift up and lock in place and they still inside your entry door when they’re not being used. This will help keep the steps protected from the elements during travel, that provides an alternative to installing them under the door, eliminates the need to cut into the metal skirting of your RV. Now, a couple features I wanna show you, we’re gonna zoom in here.

And if you look up at the very top here, we have these hen head hinge plates that are attached. Have these pins pins through there. So basically these hinge place a little bolt to your threshold of your RV and it holds your steps in place. What’s nice is those pins if you see the lever right here, there’s one here and one over there, you can pull that pin out and release the stairs from those hinge plates. And the reason you’ll do that is like, if you’re gonna be storing your RV in a tight storage lot where there’s not enough space for the steps to fold down.

Before you store it, what you’ll probably wanna do is take the steps off. And it makes it pretty simple by just pulling these pins, detaching it from the hip hinge plates and removing this step. So then when you go to install them, just slide it back up, put the pin through there and you’re ready to go. Also here’s the latch we we’re talking about. When you go to lift these stairs up, this is what will latch into place on your door and hold them up in a stowed position.

They do have a handle that actually if you twist it that lets you release it. You can see how it pulls the tab in. So when you go to release the stairs to drop them down, twist that handle to release it, and then you can drop them down. What’s nice is when you go to store them, you don’t have to use that handle because these tabs have an angle to them. They’ll just push up and latch onto your door. Now, the next thing is these leg extensions. You can see one over here, one on this side. These leg extensions create a nice sturdy connection with the ground, eliminates any bounce. You can see at the very bottom, they have these flexible or swinging seed on them that’ll adjust also for a flat surface. This will reduce the potential for slipping or falling during use, helps remain stable on uneven terrain because these legs can be adjusted independently side to side and help keep the steps parallel. So you just pull this out to whatever length you need on each side and it aligned right up. Does use these quick release triggers. There’s one here, one over here, and the trigger will be used when you’re gonna retract those legs. If you just push in on that trigger, you can slide those up for storage. And then when you wanna extend them, you don’t have to use that quick release trigger, you just pull them out as much as you need them to come out. They do adjust in one inch increments for a total of about 13 inches adjustable length. Now this is a four step assembly, has an extra deep top step for easy entry and exit. And if you notice on the left side, they have these inserts, there’s two here and two here and they’re threaded. And what therefore is to install a hand rail to this if you wanted to. Now the hand rails not included, we do sell that separately on our website. It’s part number MR73AR and it’s listed on this product page as a related product, but you can bolt it right into those inserts there. Now the steps themselves, they are an anti slip design, gives you excellent traction. The textured surface provides nice traction on wet or muddy conditions. And you can see at the end of each step, they have the nice non-slip tread tape to help prevent any slipping. These aren’t aluminum construction, they are rust-proof and scratch resistant. And because they’re aluminum, they’re also lightweight so it makes lifting and lowering them

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