How Sharpen a chisel – sharpening system for woodworkers

One of the downside of taking a year out from Woodworking is that your tools become blunt, but what a better time to build a Sharpening System for Woodworkers.

This is part three of a multi video series, where we will build up and demonstrate the sharpening system. However this is not ordinary sharpening system, it is aimed at the woodworker who primarily uses power tools, and occasionally wants to use hand tools to refine the project.

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Like any skill hand sharpening take time to develop, and you have to use the skills to keep them fresh. This system allows us to create a guaranteed repeatable sharp edge on our chisels and planes time and time again.

Part 1 will look at the Bench grinder, unboxing, set up and upgrade of the tool rests allowing us to create an accurate primary bevel
Part 2 will build a sharpening station that we will use to refine our blades, through a combination of diamond stones and leather strop
Part 3 will show you how to use the system to get accurate and repeatable results with a chisel
Part 4 will show how to use the system to get accurate and repeatable results with a plan blade

This video has the following chapters

00:00 Introduction
01:41 The Theory
02:41 Creating the primary bevel
12:57 Flattening the back
16:51 The secondary bevel
25:22 Testing for sharpness
26:23 Keeping it sharp

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The Bench Grinder is the Axminster AW200BG –
The tool rests are the Veritas Tool rest & grinding jig –
The honing guide is the veritas Mk II honing guide –
The diamond plates are DMT diamond plates

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