How to Make Bench Pyramids – Easy Woodworking Tool Project

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Here is a simple way to create supports for your craft or hobby work. These help to support the work while applying a finish to the surface of a material such as wood.

They make minimal contact with the surface that is resting on them and can be made quickly using scrap or reclaimed / recycled wood.

These are an easy DIY tool project and great for a beginner to woodworking
I did not apply a finish to mine as I like the rustic wood look.

I like to use bench cookies sometimes, but these small pointed triangle shaped supports are great for a small craft project and with them being very easy to make and inexpensive, you can make as many as you need from scrap or recycled wood. An ideal DIY reclaimed wood project.

The dimensions of the ones I made in the video are:
40mm Wide
50mm High including a Base of 10mm
Make as many as you need and have fun 🙂

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