Intro To Carving 101 Beginner's level

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Intro to carving. how to start carving, the best wood, best chisels for thel beginner. we will also look at beginner carving projects and where you can get going.

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00:00:00 Weekly update and news
03:00 Warren Munn: Basic set of chisels, what shapes, etc, to start with?
12:00 Amanda: Is it fairly decent steel? Does it hold an edge well?
25:00 Feather Sword: would it be wise to get a set of carving tools before spoon carving tools or is there enough overlap in one set to do both.
28:00 MrRex 4: ​Will sharpening some of the different shapes be covered?
41:00 Dad Gamet: Likely a silly question but why Windex and not oil. My grandfather always used oil and because he was my grandfather, I assumed he was correct.
48:00 Timothy Mallon: Can James show us the skews in practice? I’ve never had luck with them for some reason
50:00 PETER LAUGHLIN:​ What size gouge in SKew should I get for a starter set? I already have the information on the V gouge any help would be grateful.
51:00 Ken Carlile: Did I make a terrible mistake getting a little Narex set from Taytools?
53:00 Ken Carlile: How do you know what gouge fits your project?
57:00 Amanda: What’s the difference between bench and carving chisels…is that due to shape eg gauge & v tool?

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