Jointer Size Doesn't Matter! Flatten Large Boards on a Smaller Jointer

Jointer Size Doesn’t Matter! I have a ton of HEAVY hickory to flatten that is larger then my jointer, today I will show you a two step trick to Flatten Large Boards on a Smaller Jointer.
I purchased an 8″ jointer a while back and knew that it would not be large enough to handle all the different widths of wood that I would throw at the machine. But I believe your money will be better spent on a machine that you will often use 100% of the capacity and have a few tricks up your sleeve to still allow you to flatten larger slabs. Overhanging the board on the jointer will allow you to create a flat reference surface very easily. Then you can use your planer with a DIY jig on it to use that flat reference side to flatten the opposite side of your boards and you are off an running! Save tons of money on a smaller jointer but still have the capacity!

You may have seen me talking a lot in the video even though you may not hear me and that is because I have been doing some building on livestream! Those streams and videos are on a second channel, check it and sub if that’s your thing!

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