Knife Saw 刀锯 – Traditional Chinese Woodworking Tool

中国传统木工木匠的刀锯。In this video I show you how to make a traditional Chinese woodworking knife saw. The title says “dovetail / short saw” but the correct translated name is “knife saw.” This error was due to me not reading the title the Chinese master gave this saw and focusing the process and the fact that I’ve only ever seen him using this saw to cut the pin side of sliding dovetails. Apologies for the mistake.This is the fourth in a planned 7 video-series focusing on Chinese woodworking tools that are both traditional and different from European and English tools.

Checkout the links below where I show you how to make a variety of traditional Chinese woodworking tools.

50 Free Woodworking Plans

How to make 7 traditional Chinese woodworking Tools:
1. Chinese hand plane 刨子 (
2. Chinese frame saw 锯 (
3. Chinese dovetail Plane 燕尾刨 (
4. Chinese Knife Saw 刀锯 (
5. Chinese cutting gauge 勒刀子 (
6. Chinese bevel gauge 活尺 (
7. Chinese styled half moon marking gauge 线勒子 (
7b. Offset plate for easy layout of mortise and tenon (
7c. Foolproof Angled mortise and tenon with the half moon Chinese marking gauge and Offset Plate (

DIY saw plate (
Dovetail/knife saw template (

Traditional Chinese woodworking knife saw by master Xing Quian Sheng (幸全生)
Part 1/2(
Part 2/2(

The next planned Chinese woodworking project (5of7) is a cutting gauge. Thank you for watching, enjoy. Let me know if you have any questions.

John Z Zhu


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