Linear Arc Scriber – New Woodworking Tool – Banggood Review

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This Marking Tool is a new product at Banggood and they asked me to test it out and show it to my Subscribers.

50 Free Woodworking Plans

If you like the tool and are interested in buying one for yourself then please use my Banggood affiliate link below. As an affiliate, I will enjoy a small return for any purchases made via this link.

Woodworking Straight Line Linear Arc Scriber Tool

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My impression of the tool is that it is of excellent quality and precise. It works as described for marking as I have demonstrated in the video and I can recommend it if you are looking for a tool that is similar.

If you are a maker, Banggood have a lot of awesome products that might interest you and are currently having a sale on tools!
Use the code BGwood01S for 18% off on all woodworking tools at this link.

This tool will make a great addition to my marking gauges and I will find many uses for it in the future. I f you have any ideas for using this tool other than I have demonstrated in the video, then please leave a comment below.

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