Locust and Ebonized Walnut Coffee Table

Yes, another table. I just realized when posting this how many table videos are here. On the next one we’ll get to some CNC stuff.

Anyway, this table is made with locust and ebonized walnut.

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The locust came from trees that were harvested by the Oklahoma City Parks Department. Instead of grinding them up to dispose of, they cut them into slabs and sold them in an auction.

To ebonize the walnut I used the vinegar from the Baltic birch dining table project. In part two of that video I soaked the steel plates for the legs in white vinegar to remove the mill scale. This cleaned the steel plates nicely and what was left was an iron rich solution of vinegar, or iron acetate. (

This solution reacts with the tannin in the walnut and turns it black.
I generally don’t like to change the color of any wood but I had several gallons of this solution and thought it would interesting to try it.

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