Making a Must Have Woodworking Tool | Pinch Rods

Pinch Rods (aka Pinch Sticks aka Squaring Sticks) is a must have tool for anyone doing flat work. They make it easy to quickly determine if a box is square.

Made from 1018 mild steel, 360 Brass*, and quarter sawn pine salvaged from a pallet. The metal boxes are made with double dovetail construction. The sticks can be made from any stable wood and as long or as short as needed for a project.

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* – If you decide to make your own please be aware that 360 brass has a tendency to flake or crack if it is peened. 260 brass is much easier to work and would be the preferred choice, of the two, if heavy peening was involved – like when making a dovetailed infill hand plane. I’m using 360 brass because I already had it and the bulk of the peening needed for this project is done with the steel.

You can purchase pinch rods from the following (No affiliation):
Reed Planes –

Crucible Tools –

Behind the Scenes:
About the Builds, Gallery, and Plans:

0:00 Making the Metal Body
9:15 Making the Wooden Rods
13:53 How To Use It

Note – if you are going to build anything from pallet wood ensure that it is appropriate to build with first. Do your due diligence.

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